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AUGUST, 2016


Just got my Fender Strat back after getting new pickups installed. I purchased the Fender Custom Shop ’69 Strat pickups a while back and wired them up, but needed to get them soldered. They sound fantastic!

I purchased these pickups to update my old Fender Stratocaster. It’s not an American Strat, but with the addition of the new pickups it definitely brings the guitar to life. I also had the fretboard setup while I was having the pickups installed. It is really amazing what a little work on an old guitar can do. I’ve played more expensive Strats, but I enjoy playing my Strat just as much.

“New Fender Pickups bring an old guitar back to life!”

The Sound of Woodstock

The Fender Custom ’69 pickups have a classic sound that is not overpowering. I really like how smooth and bluesy they sound. If you want a hotter sound, you can always choose something like the Texas Specials. I prefer the Custom ’69 pickups as they have a little bite, but aren’t too harsh. When choosing new pickups, I wanted to keep that classic Strat sound. There are a vast array of manufacturers producing custom pickups and I reviewed many of them before purchasing the Custom Shop ’69 pickups. I really liked some of the other offerings, but I felt like some of them were a little overpriced. I wanted to update my old Strat, but also keep a classic sound that was true to the Stratocaster heritage. I’m really happy with how the Strat refresh turned out. New pickups and a little work on the fretboard equals new guitar.

Below is a video that reviews the Fender Custom Shop ’69 pickups and gives you a feel for how they’ll sound.

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