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Creating a site that looks professional and shows off your unique skills can be difficult.

Key Elements

The builder comes packed with tons of great modules, and more are on the way! Combine and arrange them in any order. The possibilities are countless.

Target Audience

Divi’s layout has been designed with mobile devices in mind. No matter how you use it, and no matter how you view it, your website is going to look great.


Divi is here to stay, and you can rest easy knowing that our team will be updating and improving it for years to come. Build on top of a powerful foundation.

Embrace the Technology

The features listed above are just some of the options currently offered for low-cost website design. The original inspiration for this website grew out of a desire to show others the possibilities to increase their reach with simple tools that are currently available using off-the-shelf products. It is no longer necessary to learn HTML, CSS, PHP, or some other coding language in order to create a great looking website and reach your followers. The mission of this website, which I hope is displayed throughout, is the ability to create a high-quality professional website that can reach one’s target audience effectively and efficiently while utilizing the latest tools available, including social media. If you like what you’ve heard so far, read on!

Putting the Pieces Together

After deciding to take the leap, the next step involves choosing which tools you will use. There are many options available that offer advanced features and ease of use. The intent of this site is not to show you the full spectrum of what is available. The intent is to show you the tools that I have discovered along my journey. Ultimately, there are infinite possibilities, but you have to choose one!

Fully Responsive Layouts

Adding style and effects to your website is easily accomplished using the tools that I incorporate. Many of these tools are free and offer detailed tutorials to create the look and feel you want in your website as well as the quality you want to demonstrate to your audience.

Dynamic Content

Dynamic content like “Ninja Puppy” grabs the attention of visitors. Off-the-shelf tools ship with a ton of great pre-made layouts to get you started with a homepage, a portfolio, an eCommerce Storefront, and much more! This page showcases some of these features. Click on the other pages to see more of these pre-made layouts. There are also additional layout packs being released for portfolios and business focused websites.

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Excessive Cuteness

The use of “excessive cuteness” is another key tactic to increase website visibility. Because no one can resist puppy and kitten pictures. So if you’ve decided that a personal website is for you, click on the link to find out more about how to easily design a dynamic and professional-looking website.

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Building a professional website is easier than you think!


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